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JULY 2023


Sealed Bid sale


Any unsold clock can be purchased for the minimum price plus premium

See the Overview pages for sale prices and unsold clocks


Contact me by phone during business hours at (859) 312-9012 or email any time ( to reserve your items!


Inexpensive Clocks Sale
can be found
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Todd Porter, 2400 Shady Oak Pl, Lexington, KY 40515
phone (859) 312-9012 (cell)
This is a blind, or sealed-bid sale.  You submit a bid sheet with the maximum price you would pay for an item by the close of the month.  If you are the high bidder you win the item, often at less than your full bid.  You will be notified if you have won at the close of the sale and will have 15 business days to make payment by check or credit card through PayPal.  Need more time to pay?  I offer extended payment plans at no cost - see the Detailed Instructions for more information.  There is a 15% buyer's premium that drops to 10% on amounts over $2500.  Clocks that don't sell at auction can be purchased afterwards for the minimum + premium. 
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 The Catalog

Clocks 1-50
Clocks 51-100
Clocks 101-150
Clocks 151-200
Clocks 201-250

 The bid form

 How does this work?

Have you found a clock or two that you need?  Now you need to submit a bid form.  Be sure you have reviewed the first page of the Detailed Instructions so you understand how to bid.  Then download the bid form (below), fill it out with your clock(s) and bids, and add any instructions or conditions on your bids.  Then email it back to me at and  I'll acknowledge receipt promptly!  Be sure it is in my hands by the end of the month.  If you use postal mail allow five business days for delivery.  I cannot accept faxes, photo images, or phone call bids.  If you don't receive email acknowledgement of receipt of your bid form within 24 hours call me.
Here is the bid form in a form-fillable PDF format: Click on the link and it will either download to your computer (in your downloads folder) or will open in a new window in your browser.  Modern browsers (e.g., Chrome) will allow you to fill it out in your browser window and then save, with your bids, to your computer.  Then simply send it back to me by email or postal mail. 
You can also fill it out in a PDF reader (Adobe Reader) or any PDF editor program.  If that still doesn't work, print out the form and fill out by hand, scan, and send back to me! 
Please note, I can no longer accept photo images of your bid form, so please don't send me texts (or emails) with a smartphone image of your completed bid form.  They are just too difficult to read.  
Are you still stuck?  Just send me an email with the following information: Name, mailing address, preferred phone number, and email address.  List your bids by catalog number and short title, with bid amount.  I'll take it from there!


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 Want to consign?

I am always looking to buy or accept on consignment  better quality clock collections, large or small.  I can take all your clocks, or a portion if you are just wishing to downsize.  I will pick up the clocks, usually at no charge.  You can review the consignment agreement and the consignment fees here; all clocks are listed with a minimum bid price (reserve), so you can be confident they won't sell for a below-market price.  I can buy your collection outright for 70% of current retail value.  Call me to discuss the possibilities! 

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Selling clocks for collectors

The principal consignors in this auction are Mark Derench, Ralph Gibbs, George Goolsby, the estate of Ted Jennings, Brian Manning, the estate of Don Noffsinger, Ralph Pokluda, the estate of Jim Price, Linda & Guy Rivard, the estate of Denny Roberts, and Jim Schaffer. 
I am honored to be asked to sell their clocks.
Jul 2022

 AUGUST Inexpensive Clocks Sale

There will be a second sale of 60 inexpensive clocks (nothing over $250) beginning August 1 and closing on August 15 at midnight.  A small assortment of books and parts will be included.  This sale will be posted on August 1 - stay tuned!