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Todd Porter, 2400 Shady Oak Pl, Lexington, KY 40515
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email: AnAmClocks@gmail.com
This is a blind, or sealed-bid auction.  You submit a bid sheet with the maximum price you would pay for an item by the close of the auction.  If you are the high bidder you win the item, often at less than your full bid.  You will be notified if you have won at the close of the auction and will have 15 business days to make payment by check or credit card through PayPal.  Need more time to pay?  I offer extended payment plans at no cost - see the  Detailed Instructions for more information.  There is a buyer's premium on all sales: 15% on invoices less than $1000; 10% on invoices over $1000.  Clocks that don't sell at auction can be purchased afterwards for the minimum + premium.
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Antique American


January 2022


Sealed Bid Auction

Clocks by Period or Style
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Where is the bid sheet?
In a sealed-bid auction you only get one bid per clock; no one else can see your bid, and you can't see their bids.  You can submit your maximum bid knowing that you won't be intentionally outbid.  You submit your bid(s) by email or postal mail on a bid sheet, linked above.  How can you bid on multiple clocks without overspending?  Prioritize your clocks and tell me your spending limit - just list your clocks in order of preference.  Plus, you can place any kind of conditions on your bids - I can accommodate any bidding strategy.  See the Detailed Instructions for more guidance. 
Antique clocks are the only things I sell.  My minimum prices are always lower than  prices realized at major auction houses and on eBay - and I'll tell you what those prices are, so you can make informed bids.  I give you more information on the clocks than any other auction house - including whether the clock runs in my hands.  You'll know exactly what you are getting, and if you're not happy after you get your clock, AAC will take it back with a full refund.  Find another auction house that does that!
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Clocks by Catalog Number
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Antique American Clocks is on
I have set up a public group on facebook entitled Antique American Clocks for posting comments, questions, and discussion of the clocks listed in this auction.  I encourage Facebook users to check the comments on Facebook for clocks that you may be interested in, and to post comments and corrections as appropriate.  I depend on my customers to help provide the most accurate information on clocks I list. 
Thinking about selling your clock collection?
I am always looking to buy or accept on consignment  better quality clock collections, large or small.  I can take all your clocks, or a portion if you are just wishing to downsize.  I will pick up the clocks, usually at no charge.  You can review the consignment agreement and the consignment fees here; all clocks are listed with a minimum bid price (reserve), so you can be confident they won't sell for a below-market price.  I can buy your collection outright for 70% of current retail value.  Call me to discuss the possibilities! 
Looking for sales from previous auctions?
To search for a set of words, use quotation marks: "tape measure" to search for tape measure clocks.  As each clock may have multiple listings in a given auction, pay attention to the web address at the end of the search result to identify listings from different auctions.
Selling clocks for collectors
Looking for a printable version of this catalog?
I am no longer offering a PDF version of the catalog.  You may easily print out the individual web pages of interest, or save as a PDF.  Go to the webpage of interest, right-click, and click on 'Print...'.  If you wish to save as a PDF click on 'Destination' on the Print menu.
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Any unsold clock can be purchased for the minimum price plus premium

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Contact me by phone during business hours at (859) 312-9012, email any time (AnAmClocks@gmail.com) to reserve your items!