250.             $250

Wilcock patent chime clock, 1900-1915.  Steven Wilcock worked out of Toronto Canada making a chiming clock under his own patent; the clocks were manufactured by the New Haven Clock Co.  The mahogany case is 17 inches tall with an old, polished finish.  The two-tone celluloid dial sits behind a flat beveled glass in a rococo bezel, with ornate hands.  You access the pendulum from the front of the case through a pull-off panel at the bottom.  The 8-day, time, strike, and chime (Westminster) is running and chiming on four sized cathedral gongs, with the hours counted on a larger gong.  The chime seems to be a bit sticky and may need minor attention; it is marked “Wilcock Patent Canada 1896”.  A similar example sold at Miller & Miller in New Hamburg, Canada in 2020 for $300 US.  $250–$400.

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Antique American Clocks                     July 2024

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