41.                   $450

SB Terry miniature box clock, ca. 1845.  The case is 13 inches tall with an old, deteriorating finish; I don’t believe it was grain-painted. The divided door has inward OG frames around the glasses, the door latch handle is missing.  Both glasses are period with good retention of their paint.  The dial is wooden, the hands period, but the minute hand may be a replacement.  The 30-hour time-and-strike movement is unsigned but is identical to one AAC sold in July of 2023 (for $1200) where an SB Terry label was present. It is running but doesn’t want to strike; note the center-mount count wheel with springs behind the movement.  There is no label, although the back wall is papered.  This clock sold at Cottone’s last year for $550.  $450–$600.

Thanks to Jake Henry for identifying this movement when I posted it on the AAC Facebook page, and to my good friend Philip Morris for noting that it sold at Cottone’s last year!


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