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Gazo Family Clock Factory “Mission Bay” with shelf, 1979.  A solid oak cabinet chiming clock with a lever movement (no pendulum) and a matching shelf.  The case is 24.5 inches tall with the top finial. The signed dial is brass with porcelain numbers and fancy hands.  At the top of the dial (behind the door) is a lever that lets you select Westminster, St. Michaels, or Whittington chimes, or no chime at all.  The 8-day, time, strike, and chime movement was made in Germany by G. Jauch.  It is running, striking, and chiming on 8 rods.  The free-standing model has small brass feet, while the model sold with a matching shelf, as found here, has a molded base.  Leonard Auction, Inc sold a walnut example with a shelf last year for $1600; clocks without matching shelves are more common and sell for $800 or so.  $800-$1600.

A tip of the hat to Richard Oliver (The Clock Guy) for his informational page on Gazo clocks.


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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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