241.         $600

Franklin Mint “L’Epee Liberty Clock”, 1986.  Produced in France to commemorate the rededication of the Statue of Liberty.  The highly polished crystal regulator is 13.25 inches tall with four beveled glasses and no appreciable tarnish or scratches.  There is a music box in the bottom that plays patriotic songs once a day on the hour you select on a dial on the back of the clock movement.  You wind it on the inside right.  Songs include the Star-Spangled Banner and the French National Anthem (La Marseillaise).  The porcelain dial bears the name and production number (#0163; 2500 were reportedly made); there is an outside escapement with ruby pallets.  The hour hand circle is broken.  The pendule de Paris 8-day, three-jewel movement counts the hours on a brass bell; it is regulated by a sealed two-jar mercury pendulum and is running without problem.  These clocks sold for $2600 in 1986, but like all Franklin Mint collectables, they sell for much less now. Recent sales are $800-$900.


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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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