200.           $250

Seth Thomas ďChime Clock No. 00Ē, ca. 1914.  A 10-inch-tall by 11-inch-wide adamantine case in good condition (there are some dust accumulations on the front that I didnít get off).  The silvered dial is its biggest weakness, with wear and soiling/oxidation apparent.  The spandrels are decals.  The 8-day movement is running and striking and playing Westminster chimes on four bells with a beautiful tone.  Iíve said it before and Iíll say it again, Sonora chimes are the best in the world.  You can silence the chimes if you like with a lever on the right (why would you?).  An instruction label on the inside back.  I have not seen this model before.  Schmitt Horan sold a very similar example in 2021 for $350.  $250-$400.



Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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