Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


193.     $150

E. Ingraham small wall clock, ca. 1890.  There is no label on this clock that shows the name, and I can’t find it in Ly’s book, Ingraham Clocks & Watches; however, the movement is stamped “E. Ingraham Co., Bristol Conn”. The 28-inch case is walnut with a couple of layers of a varnish; note the mercury thermometer at the top (it is working) and the level at the bottom (it is not working).  The door glass is old, as is the yellowed paper dial.  The hands are appropriate. The clock is running and striking on a cathedral gong; there is a separate alarm at the bottom that strikes on a bell (it is untested). An Ingraham pendulum completes the outfit.  $150-$250.

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