Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


191.     $250

F. Kroeber Clock Co. “Regulator No. 31”, ca. 1881.  This is a small wall clock, 34 inches long with a clean black walnut case.  The base has a burl walnut panel, the bottom finial may be a replacement, as it does not match the catalog illustrations.  The dial apron seems to vary in size between model years.  The glass is old, the dial repapered, the hands acceptable replacements.  Most No. 31 regulators have New Haven movements, but this one has a Seth Thomas 8-day, time-only movement that is running without problem.  Kroeber used this No. 41A movement in some of these clocks, as well as in other Kroeber wall clocks (see page 106 of Ly, Kroeber Clocks).  In addition, some door glasses were stenciled.  Some of these clocks were also made with railroad insignia on the base; AAC sold one of these clocks last July.  Fontaine’s sold a non-railroad No. 31 in 2018 for $300.  $250-$450.

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