Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


185.     $100

Henry Sperry & Co. scroll-front, 1852-1858.  Located in NYC, Sperry bought clocks and clock parts from various manufacturers and assembled them in New York.  The label inside is for J.L. Cobb & Co.; JL Cobb & Co. is listed as a clock seller in the mid-1850ís in New York.  This miniature scroll-front (17 inches) has a thick and dark finish over a grain-painted front.  Both glasses are old but may be replacements, as the strips holding them in place look newer. The tablet is clearly a Sperry-style tablet, but I suspect it is a repaint.  The flat metal dial may be an old repaint, it bears the Sperry company name and location.  The hands are period.  The time-and-strike movement is unsigned and should run for 8 days.  It is running and striking as expected on the wire gong.  A dark label inside. Almost all of Sperryís clocks are simple cottages, which again makes this scroll-front example suspect; scroll-fronts are more typically of Brewster Mfg. Co. Well, nevertheless, itís an attractive clock.  $100-$250.


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