Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


182.     $100

S.E. Root “Mantel”, ca. 1875.  Here is a maker I have not heard of before.  Samuel Emerson Root worked out of Bristol for many years but made few clocks with his label.  This interesting little clock is in a Muller casting, No. 81, which was marketed by several retailers, including SB Terry; however, Terry used his patent pendulum movement, which is the version of this clock that you see most often.  This version uses a one-day lever movement made by Root.  You can find this clock listed in G.S. Lovell’s 1875 catalog, marketed out of Philadelphia.  The 7.5-inch spelter casting shows considerable wear and oxidation; the glass is a replacement, the paper dial and hands look original.  The 3x3-inch lever movement is stamped “SE Root | Bristol Conn” and is running fabulously.  There is no label on the clock.  I can find only one sale of this model by Root, and it was this clock, sold at RO Schmitt’s in 2012 for $90.  I’d pay more than that for it.  $100-$200.

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