Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


180.    $200

E. Terry & Sons pillar & scroll, 1823-1831.  A 31-inch pillar & scroll that has undergone significant renovation.  The mahogany veneer is good, but the scroll tips are not just repaired but are replacements.  Both glasses are modern, the tablet done nicely as always by Tom Moberg.  The back right foot is a replacement, and the left skirt tip has been reglued.  The brass urn finials are modern, but the tin pulley covers are likely original.  The dial has some blistering at 6:30 but otherwise is clean; the minute hand is a not-too-accurate replacement. The 30-hour wooden movement is not running. There are old weights and a period pendulum bob, and a good label.  Not for the purist, but certainly a nice-looking example of this style, by the premier family of wooden works clocks.  $200-$400.

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