Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


179.     $400

Silas Hoadley shelf clock, ca. 1830.  Hoadley worked with Eli Terry and Seth Thomas before setting out, quite successfully, on his own.  He died a rich man.  This clock is 37.5 inches tall with elaborately carved columns and an eagle and shield splat, mahogany veneer and curly maple chimney caps.  There should be pineapple finials on top. The dial glass and bottom glass are original, the mirror a later replacement.  The lower tablet, with the “time is money” pendulum window is likely original, but the images on either side are pasted reproductions.  The wood dial is colorful with gilt rings, but the numbering has faded.  The hands are period but mismatched, and there is no alarm hand.  The big attraction with this clock is the upside-down wooden movement with alarm.  It runs for 5-10 minutes and stops, and it will strike.  I did not test the alarm, and the cord is broken; there are old weights including an alarm weight.  There is a great label noting the use of ivory bushings, which are present in the movement.  These clocks are not terribly uncommon, selling between $300-$500. Remember, “Time is Money”. 

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