Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


174.     $850

Wm. Gilbert Clock Co. “Oriental” calendar, ca. 1901.  A counterpart to the several wall clocks using this calendar mechanism (e.g., #172); Gilbert made two shelf models, the Elberon and the Oriental.  The 31-inch case is oak, refinished and clean.  The door glass is original, the dial repapered.  The minute hand is a closely matched replacement. The 8-day time-and-strike calendar movement is signed and running, striking on a Gilbert cathedral gong, regulated by a Gilbert pendulum; the calendar is also advancing.  This calendar mechanism is unique to Gilbert clocks and was patented by T.W.R. McCabe in 1896; it runs off the strike spring, and advances with the strike, not the time.  That means if you don’t wind the strike you don’t get the calendar!  The small indicator dial on the hand shaft allows you to advance and set the calendar by hand.  There are no labels in this clock, and the metal shield for the calendar dials is missing.  A piece of label is left on the back with the letter ‘O’ beginning the word ‘Oriental’.  Just enough!  Horton’s sold a nice Oriental in 2018 for $1060.  $850-$1200.

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