Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


172.     $750

Wm. Gilbert Clock Co. “Berkshire”, ca. 1901.  A 37-inch walnut case with a clean finish and no missing or damaged trim.  The door glass is original and is cracked at the lower left.  The dial is paper is old and yellowed, the hands correct.  The 8-day time-and-strike signed movement is running and striking on the wire gong, but the calendar wheel on the movement is not turning with the strike; it will need attention.  There is a small indicator ring on the dial hand shaft that engages the calendar wheel and allows you to advance the calendar such that it advances after midnight.  The lift bar is working but the return spring is weak; the calendar wheels on the door turn.  Someone with clock repair experience will need to repair the calendar mechanism.  Note the extensive instruction label inside the case; some models also have an instruction label on the back of the door.  I found four Berkshire sales on LiveAuctioneers, the most recent at Harris in 2021 for $750; RO Schmitt sold one in 2017 for $900.  $750-$1000. 

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