Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


154.     $1200

Joseph Ives New Hampshire mirror clock, ca. 1830.  Joseph Ives' many patents included mirror clocks like this.  A 53-inch case (without the finials) in mahogany with an old finish.  The finials are usually brass urns; these look like they may be from a tall-case clock, but there are many examples of this model with similar finials.  Both scrolls have been broken and repaired.  The dial glass is a replacement with an appropriately painted dial surround.  The mirror is old but unlikely to be original, the lower tablet is original and has been rebacked.  The flat iron dial holds the original paint and correct hands; the Ives steel-plate, roller-pinion movement has not been run, or cleaned, in decades and will only tick for a short time, despite oil on the front pivots.  A full cleaning is needed.  It is driven by two 8-lb iron weights hung on the original pulleys and regulated by a 38-inch pendulum and an old heavy bob.  The interior of the case was smoked, as was common, and there is a washed out, illegible label on the back wall.  Prices for these desirable clocks depend on the condition, which is always an issue.  AAC sold a similar example two years ago for $1575.  $1200-$2000.

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