Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


152.     $750

James Corliss New Hampshire mirror clock, ca. 1830.  James Corliss is a known clockmaker and is listed in American Clockmakers & Watchmakers.  However, very little is known about him, including the period when he was making clocks; moreover, I can find only one sales record for a Corliss clock, this clock, which was listed at Skinner’s in 2011. It did not sell, and the consigner bought it from Delaney’s (a tag is still on the door).  The 32-inch mahogany-front case has an old finish; the scrolls have been repaired.  The dial glass is original, as is the surround, although it has been remounted with newer wooden blocks.  The mirror is old, but probably not original.  The painted dial is original and signed “James Corliss | Weare” with old and unusual hands.  The unsigned wheelbarrow movement is running, 8 days, with a side-hung flat iron weight.  This would appear to be a one-of-a-kind clock unless someone knows of another one.  $750-$1500.

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