Antique American Clocks                      January 2022


151.      $1500

Jeremiah Dewey New Hampshire mirror clock, 1830-1831.  Dewey worked out of Chelsea, Vermont as a jeweler, clockmaker, and watchmaker.  He is known for his mirror clocks like this – an unusual style.  Horton’s sold a very similar Dewey clock in 2015 for $3260.  The 40-inch mahogany case holds a banjo-style 8-day, weight-driven movement. The finish is clean and polished with nine brass medallions, three brass urn finials with metal posts, and two repaired scrolls.  The dial glass is original and may have been rebacked; the mirror is very old and likely original.  The dial was repainted some time ago and has been touched up between the 11 and 12.  The hands are carved out of brass and painted black.  The movement bears a “J J” stamp in the upper left corner, which is the way Dewey signed his clocks.  It is running easily.  The iron weight runs behind the weight shield and there is a pendulum tie-down at the bottom.  A sister to this clock is shown in Horology Americana (Lester Dworetsky and Robert Dickstein) on page 104 (photo below); that clock has a signed dial and an alarm.  A beautiful and uncommon clock.  $1500-$3000.


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