246.            $200

George Kuehl & Co. three-weight cuckoo, ca. 1910-1925. Kuehl was a Chicago Il importer of German clocks in the early 1900s.  After 1908 they began manufacturing clocks in the US; their clocks were stamped G.K. on the brass movement and sometimes below the dial.  This 23-inch clock is stamped G.K. on the brass movement, but I could find no other indications of maker.  The leaf carvings on this case are modest but there is extensive parquet work on the frame.  I do not see any losses or missing pieces.  The dial numbers and hands look original, with a glue repair to the minute hand.  There are two cuckoos and two bellows, both of which sound when activated from behind, but are mostly silent when the cuckoos are triggered by the movement some attention is needed.  There is also an unattached wire that goes somewhere to activate something.  The left bird appears and tries to sing on the quarter hours, and the right bird on the hour, but it needs help.  There are two gongs on the backboard but the hammers are missing their targets, and will also need adjustment.  The one-day clock is otherwise running without problem.  The center weight is a slight mismatch.  $200$400.


Antique American Clocks                     July 2024

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