244.            $250

German two-weight cuckoo, ca. 1900.  A 24-inch walnut case with a dry, old finish in need of rejuvenation.  Note the use of real antler horns on the top stag, as well as on the two lower standing deer.  I do not see any noticeable chips or losses, but the minute hand is likely irreparable, and the hour hand mount looks like a replacement and does not fit tightly.  The brass 1-day movement is not signed and will run only briefly, and I could not get the cuckoo to appear; in addition, the wire gong on the back is missing, so no strike is possible without replacement. The bellows are good and can be activated from the back.  This is a clock for restoration, probably justified by the real antler horns.  $250$400. 

My consignor thinks this is an 8-day.  Since it didn't run and I'm no cuckoo expert, I can't confirm that.  Is there a simple way to check without running it?


Antique American Clocks                     July 2024

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