242.             $600

Large Black Forest two-weight cuckoo, ca. 1880. The intricately carved case is 30.5 inches tall with two large pheasants in front of two pines at the top, with leaves and mushrooms at the bottom on the forest floor.  The three mushrooms are separate from the background, jutting outward.  I have never seen mushrooms on a clock before!  This case is in remarkably good shape: There are two pine boughs that stick forward just above the pheasants, and both have been broken off and reattached; there is a minor chip here and there, but I see no major missing pieces. I believe the numbers and hands are bone or ivory.  The clock is running and the cuckoo is calling on the hours and half-hours; it is a 1-day clock.  The movement is not signed and there is no label or makers stamp on the case.  We have just one problem - the backboard (with an attached gong to count the hours) is missing.  Im thinking that might not be a difficult fix; to help you along, I will include a cuckoo backboard with gong that you can use to fashion a new backboard if you have some woodworking skills.  Put a note on your bid sheet if you want the backboard.  Note that the cuckoo also counts the hours.  $600$1000.


Antique American Clocks                     July 2024

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