232.             $500

German/Austrian Vienna calendar wall clock, ca. 1900? I can find no indication of the maker of the unusual spring-driven Vienna with a calendar mechanism.  The clock is 38 inches long in oak with an old, dark finish; I think the crest is a replacement and appears to be walnut.  The drop finials may also be replacements.  The three glasses are old, with the original tablet surrounding the calendar windows.  The weekday and month rollers have the original paper covers, and the date strip is fabric.  The clock is running and the calendars are advancing; the dial is porcelain, unmarred, with appropriate hands.  The 8-day (?) movement is unsigned but bears the serial number 61257. The porcelain R=A center to the pendulum is cracked and chipped.  Only one calendar clock listed on LiveAuctioneers, no maker,  sold for $725 in 2020.  $500$750.


Antique American Clocks                     July 2024

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