220.             $200

French baker’s clock, 1914.  A large and beautiful example of this style of French clock from around the turn of the twentieth century.  The length of this large case is 27.5 inches with an old glass; note the Oriental theme and images in the dial surround, with the typical use of mother of pearl.  I’ve not seen this before. The 13-inch dial is marble with porcelain cartouche numbers and a center gold foil ornament; the ornate hands are likely original. The 8-day time-and-strike brass plate movement will run briefly and needs servicing.  It is stamped “CMN” in an oval, with a serial number below.  There is a pencil inscription inside that reads “Compuesto 1 1914” which is Spanish and I think means completed, and suggests that this is actually a Spanish-made clock.  I cannot determine what CMN stands for.  If you’ve thought about buying one of these clocks this is the best one I’ve seen.  $200–$300.


Antique American Clocks                     July 2024

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