216.             $150

General Electric/Telechron “The Executive” and “New Executive”, ca. 1933 and 1940.  Two electric digital (cyclometer) clocks with rotating numbers.  The taller one, The Executive (Model AB8B02) was made around 1933 and is 6.25 inches tall in brown “textolite” (early plastic) with a metal engraved faceplate. The plastic is unbroken, the faceplate shows some oxidation/wear.  The seconds rotate in the lower window, the hour and minutes in the upper windows, all behind clear plastic.  There is a small light bulb above the numbers, and you access the number rollers from the lid on top to set/adjust.  The light bulb lights but the clock is not running; it has a cloth-covered electric cord and early round plug. 

The second clock is the New Executive (Model 8B04) and came out in 1940.  The 7.5-inch-wide plastic case is dark brown and was designed by Walter Dorwin, a noted designer of the time.  There is gold foil trim around the base, the numbers behind a metal plate with no cover, and the small red dot at the right to tell you if the power failed.  You reset it from underneath and adjust the hours and minutes there as well.  This clock has a modern cord (polarized plug) and is running nicely.  If you are an executive, or were one, you need these modern marvels.  Both clocks for one money.  $150–$400.

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Antique American Clocks                     July 2024

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