204.           $175

Kuehl Clock Co. elephant swinger, ca. 1914.  For reasons that elude me, elephant swingers are quite common.  Most of these are made in Germany.  This one is signed on the bottom of the dial “K.C. & Co. Germany” and was made for the Kuehl Clock Co. in Chicago, IL, probably prior to WWI.  It is 11 inches tall (the painted? metal elephant on a wooden base is 8 inches tall).  The clock is spelter with a gilded finish that is mostly lost; the glass dial cover is cracked at the bottom, the porcelain dial is clean, and the hands are appropriate.  It is running, probably one day, with an internal pendulum counterweight.  Nice enough if you need one of these, and you probably do.  Prices for elephant swingers have ranged from $175 to $475 over the past several years.  $175–$475. 

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