198.             $250

French ball clock and eagle watch stand, ca. 1900. The eagle stand/hanger is just over 11 inches tall in brass on a marble base.  The brass was painted (or gilded?) long ago to brighten it up; the original brass is evident on the eagle’s face.  There is no signature/maker name on the stand.  The glass ball clock is unsigned but is marked ‘France’ and ‘Eight day’.  It is running.  There is a flat surface on the back glass allowing it to sit on a flat surface, as do most ball clocks.  This clock may not have started out with this stand. The porcelain face has some chipping at the seconds bit and at the ‘2’, and is signed at the top, probably by the retailer in Boston (Crump & Lew_?).  The hands may not be original.  The clock winds and sets, and, as noted, runs 8 days.  $250–$500.

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