196.             $450

Ansonia Clock Co. “Jumper No. 2” variant, ca. 1891. This is an ornate version of the No. 2 Jumper, with a base tray for holding jewelry, etc.  For reference see Ly, Ansonia Clocks & Watches, page 66.  The clock is 14.5 inches tall in brass with a tin can holding the movement; note that the surface of the nickeled cannister is embossed with small symbols.  The dial glass is old, the paper dial is signed and bears the Ansonia logo, along with the patent date (1886); the hands are correct.  The one-day, time-only movement is running, a bit reluctantly at first, and the bisque doll is bobbing up and down nicely; this doll matches one shown in the Ly book.  Well, you’re not going to have more fun than you can have with this.  AAC sold a “base” model in 2021 for $700; there are 31 sales records on LiveAuctioneers and the Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide and none are of this variant model.  $450–$750.

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