195.            $500

“The Admiral” blinking eye clock, ca. 1875.  This blinking (winking) eye clock resembles the “Continental”, a blinking eye clock made by Bradley & Hubbard, but differs in the hat decoration and the epaulets (the Continental lacked epaulets).  There is, in fact, a variant of the Continental with a decorated hat (but no epaulets; see Ly, Waterbury Clocks & Watches, Vol. 1, page 83).  This cast iron figural does not bear a foundry stamp, which Bradley & Hubbard clocks had on the bottom of the stand.  It is just under 16 inches tall with a cast front, back, hat, and base.  It appears to be an old repaint, as you can see overpainted chips.  The hat has been broken and repaired. The dial is paper with proper hands; the one-day lever-spring movement is running after you give it a shake.  I could not remove the dial to see if the front of the movement is signed, as some – but not all – are by Waterbury Clock Co.  The original eyes move up and down with the ticking but are hard to see, as they are set back and only move a little.  This can be adjusted. I do not know the maker of this blinker, and there are few sales examples on the internet, and some examples of the Continental variant are labeled the Admiral.  The most recent sale I can find was at Morphy’s in 2020 for $1700.  $500–$1000.

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