194.                $750

Ansonia Clock Co. “Mahogany Swing No. 1”, ca. 1923.  A 23-inch-tall clock, one of three that Ansonia marketed in the 1920’s.  The wood is mahogany with a dull finish and gold trim.  There is glass over the silvered dial, the latter showing oxidation.  The hands are probably original.  As with all Ansonia swinging arm clocks, there is an internal pendulum that counters and maintains the swing of the clock on the stand.  The 8-day, time-only movement is signed and running.  Makes me dizzy to watch it.  Schmitt Horan & Co. sold a No. 2 last year for $600, but there are no sales of a No. 1 (or a No. 3) on LiveAuctioneers.  $750–$1000.

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