187.               $600

E. Howard & Co. “No. 4 Regulator” (banjo), ca. 1874.  The cherry case, grain-painted to resemble rosewood, is 32 inches long with excellent retention of the graining and a clean, polished finish.  The dial glass is original, the throat and box glasses appear to be original but may have been repainted.  The dial is this clock’s weakest point, with spotting/flaking and discolored touch-ups on the original paint, with a signature.  The hands are likely original.  The 8-day, time-only movement is signed and running without issue, driven by a No. 5 cast iron weight and regulated by what is likely the original pendulum stick and damascened bob.  There are two wooden weight shields, a pendulum tie-down, and an instruction label.  AAC sold a No. 4 with a much worse dial last winter for $600. $600–$800.

UPDATE:  This was previously mislabeled a No. 5.  My apologies.

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