186.              $400

Hatch/Tifft banjo, ca. 1840.  The case, glasses, and pendulum say Horace Tifft, the dial is signed G D Hatch.  George is believed to have worked under Horace in his early years; this may be evidence of that.  Clearly the 32-inch mahogany case with wooden finial is in the style of Tifft, with the curved wooden side arms and the gilded floral pattern on the throat glass and oval opening on the box glass.  Both glasses appear to be period, the finish on the case is old, possibly original.  The dial glass is also old but not necessarily original. The painted and signed dial has old, crackled paint with chipping at the mounts, and is a perfect match to the pins and L-turns that hold it in place, suggesting that it is original.  The hands are typical.  The 8-day, weight-driven, time-only movement will run for a while but I canít keep it running; there is a cast iron, unmarked weight.  The pendulum does not have the detachable pendulum bob typical of his timepieces.  $400Ė$700. 

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