174.               $475

Brewster & Ingrahams gilt gallery,ca. 1845.  A 19-inch diameter case with gilded trim, most of which is still present.  The 14-inch curved wooden dial retains the original paint, with soiling, staining, and slight losses; the numbering is strong.  The hands appear to be original. This clock did not have a dial glass.  The brass 8-day, time-only movement is unsigned; it is an early movement from B&I, with the spring, formerly brass, now steel, in a cast iron cup on a cast iron backplate.  Note the cut-outs in the front plate to make winding keys.  The pendulum is suspended overhead.  The case swings up to allow access, with the dial pinned to the back railings.  No label, inside or back.  Schmitt Horan sold one last year for $450.  $475$800.

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