167.               $500

Seth Thomas “Regulator No. 6”, 1891.  A 48-inch walnut case with an old and slightly rough finish – it looks like it has been cleaned, but not completely. It’s only noticeable up close.  There is a vertical split in the center of the crest, and the upper finial tips are degraded; the right front cornice piece has been replaced and is painted dark brown.  I almost missed it.  The lower finials are correct, one of several styles used.  The door glass is old but probably a replacement; the dial was repainted/relined some time ago and shows some wear and smearing of the numbering.  It is signed, the hands are correct.  The 8-day, time-only movement is unsigned; it is running poorly and will need service.  There is a nickel weight that is not ST issue but will do.  The pendulum stick is a replacement, the bob is nickel and damascened; the dial bezel and weight pully are also nickel.  There is no label, but there is a date stamp (1891) on the back.  AAC sold this clock last year for $850.  $500-$900. 

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