164.              $500

George Hatch “Regulator No. 5” (keyhole), 1840–1871. A 32-inch case with a typically dark finish hiding the rosewood grain painting, but it is there.  Both glasses are period, but the tablet is not typical of Hatch and so must be viewed askance.  The dial holds the original paint with some chipping at the screw holes and is marked for the retailer, WHC Riggs in Philadelphia, as is common for Hatch-made clocks.  The hands are proper and period.  The 8-day, time-only movement is running without difficulty, driven by a cast iron weight and regulated by a typical Hatch pendulum with a detachable bob.  The wooden weight shield is old; indeed, the whole case is old.  I do not see a DLW stamp anywhere, so I think this clock was made before David L Williams joined Hatch in 1867.  AAC sold a Hatch No. 5 in 2021 for $1000.  $500–$1000.

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