161.             $1500

Ansonia Clock Co. “Antique Hanging”, ca. 1904.  Certainly Ansonia’s most ornate hanging clock, 46 inches long in mahogany.  All the brass plaques and trimmings are present, and there are a lot of them.  The urn finials on top are correct and look original; the brass dial shows some oxidation, with porcelain cartouche numbers and brass hands that are not original.  The left side door is missing its glass.  There are two spiral brass weights with caps, although one finishing nut is not original, and the hooks to hang the weights are missing.  The pendulum has a large metal disk in high relief and a brass covering over the stick.  The 8-day, time and half-hour strike movement is signed and running, striking on a cathedral gong.  Not often seen; AAC sold two in 2021 (Jan and Jul) for $3550 and $2500. See Ly, Ansonia Clocks & Watches, pages 178-179.  $1500–$3500.

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