160.              $1000

Waterbury Clock Co. “Regulator No. 70”, ca. 1909.  An 82-inch mahogany case with an old, unpolished finish.  The ornamentation on this clock is modest and is as shown in Ly, Waterbury Clocks & Watches (Vol. 1) on page 191.  Both glasses are original.  The 12-inch porcelain dial is flawless and the three hands are correct.  The weight-driven movement has a dead-beat escapement and retaining power; it is running well even without mercury in the fluted two-jar pendulum.   The brass weight appears to be longer than that shown in the catalog illustration and may be the only thing out of order here.  This model came with a mercury pendulum, as found here, and with a gridiron pendulum; the compensating mercury pendulum added $38.50 to the price, for a total of $143.50 ($4,925 today).  If you would like to substitute lead shot for the mercury (8 lb) I will give you a $200 credit.  A plaque at the bottom indicates that this clock was presented to Alfred Allard at the dedication of the Hotel Newman on Dec. 2, 1909; no location is given.  There are no sales of a No. 70 with the mercury pendulum on LiveAuctioneers; Schmitt Horan sold one with a gridiron pendulum in 2022 for $1300.  $1000–$1500.

Delivery to the eastern half of the US for $400.

UPDATE:  In some incredible sleuthing, Christopher Anthony determined that Alfred Allard owned the Hotel Newman, 132 Main St., Southbridge, MA in 1912.  As noted, the hotel opened in 1909 when this clock was presented to Allard.  I have added two photos below that Chris uncovered.  One is an advertisement in a city directory from 1912, and the second is a current picture of the former hotel.  Thanks Chris!

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