155.              $900

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Office Calendar No. 1”, ca. 1878.  This is the later version of this model with the single-OG case-front.  The 40-inch case is veneered in rosewood with repairs, but the veneer is complete.  Both glasses appear to be original, as are both dials.  The calendar dial is showing some flaking and staining.  The hands are original.  The Seth Thomas brass plate movement runs 8 days, time-only, driven by a wafer weight that runs down the right side.  The pendulum is original and proper, the bob may be a replacement. The calendar rollers are certainly original and are yellowed, worn, and discolored.  The clock is running nicely and the Mix Brothers calendar is advancing; there is a label on the back of the door.  If you’ve been looking for an all-original example of this iconic model, congratulations – you’ve found it.  AAC has sold seven of this model for an average of $1750.  $1200–$1800. 

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