154.              $2400

Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. “No. 12 Hanging Kildare”, 2008.  This clock was made and signed by Joel Warren of Trumansburg, NY.  Joel made the 32-inch case out of Central American mahogany (as were the originals); there is beautiful graining on the sides.  The black dials with silver numbering are paper over aluminum, with nickel hands, all as originally manufactured.  The engraved glass-center pendulum is as originally found as well.  The 8-day, time-and-strike movement is marked “Made for the Ithaca Calendar Clock Co.” by EN Welch; it is running, striking on the cathedral gong, and the calendars are advancing.  (Joel salvaged movements from original Ithaca’s, so if you find a case without a movement, now you know why.)  The date of manufacture is penciled inside along with the names of Joel and his son Mike.  The case is also signed and dated on the back in pencil.  Joel sold these clocks upon order for $3200 as recently as several years ago.  He no longer makes them because Gayle said, “that’s enough”.  $2400–$3200. 

jul24_overview_4005009.jpg jul24_overview_4005008.jpg jul24_overview_4005007.jpg jul24_overview_4005006.jpg
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