153.             $275

Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. “Single Finial Library No. 8”, 1868-1883.  A 25.5-inch refinished walnut case with replaced wings and center finial.  The glasses are old, the paper dials very old.  The time hands are a slight mismatch, the calendar hand has lost its tail.  The Welch 8-day, time-and-strike movement is running and striking on a wire gong; the calendar rods will need adjustment to make the calendars advance.  The pendulum bob is brass but should be silver.  AAC sold this model in 2023 for $350.  $275–$350. 

jul24_overview_4004006.jpg jul24_overview_4004005.jpg jul24_overview_4004004.jpg jul24_overview_4004003.jpg
jul24_overview_4004002.jpg jul24_overview_4004001.jpg

Can I return my clock if I don’t like it?


Absolutely!  Save your packing and box, you have 30 days from receipt to return it for a full refund if you are unhappy.  If the clock is not as described, or I missed something important and that is not evident from the pictures, I will refund your shipping costs (both ways) as well.  Find another auction company that does that!



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