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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

144.             $500

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 5”, ca. 1885.  This clock was formerly designated “No. 4T” as a transitional model and is the last model made/marketed by the SCCC; it was sold predominantly in Arkansas and Texas (Hellstern, “Fashion” Identification and Price Guide, 2022).  It is also the last model that had a short-drop pendulum.  From the outside it looks like a Fashion No. 4, but inside there are some significant differences.  The 32-inch case (with the center finial) has an old, clean finish.  The door glass is period/original with the Fashion lettering not quite to specs, indicating that it has been redone.  The lettering on the No. 5 differs slightly from the lettering on the No. 3 and 4 models (but not here).  Both dials have been repainted by The Dial House, with the calendar dial pan replaced with an aluminum pan, probably due to warping.  Note the “Fashion” hands on the time dial – this is the first time they are used on a Fashion clock, and are later used on many Seth Thomas clocks, including all Fashion models.   The 8-day, time-and-strike movement (85F) has an outside fly, again differing from earlier models, and again a short-drop pendulum on a wooden stick, but with a damascened nickel pendulum bob.  The brass bell on earlier models has been replaced with a cathedral bell with an attached cathedral gong, thought to give a mellower sound.  Note also the reoriented black label inside.  You will not find this model in Ly’s Calendar Clocks book. The clock is running and striking, and the calendar is advancing.  The roller papers on the calendar movement must be original, the three finials are correct but may not be original.  This is a very nice example of a rare model.  $500–$1500.

I thank Tim Ritchhart, my Fashion guru, along with the late Don Hellstern for providing the information on this model. 

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