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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

141.               $500

Southern Calendar Clock Co. “Fashion No. 3”, ca. 1878.  A second example of the No. 3 model, but this one looks like a No. 4 because the time dial has an inset seconds dial.  It is probably a replacement taken from a No. 4, as all other aspects of the clock are consistent with a Fashion No. 3:  a double-wire pendulum rod with a ‘star’ pendulum bob, and the absence of a compartment in the back to store the key. The finish is a bit dark but has a very nice patina; the door glass looks like a replacement, with a properly painted Fashion lettering. Two of the finial tips have been replaced.  Both dials have been repainted, not quite as professionally as we might like. The hands are correct.  The Seth Thomas movement is clean and running, striking on the brass bell, and the calendars are advancing. Good labels inside.   $500–$750.

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