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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024


132.             $100

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Chime Clock No. 64”, ca. 1914. A 15-inch mahogany case with inlaid marquetry on the front, striking on four rods.  This is not listed in Ly’s books on Seth Thomas clocks, where only 4 bell and 8 bell models are shown (ST made other models that chimed on rods).  The case is a bit rough, with a large wear mark on the right side, and in need of cleaning and polish overall.  The dial glass is beveled and convex, the silvered dial shows discoloration and wear, and the minute hand is an incorrect replacement.  The signed ST movement is running and chiming, and counting the hours on three rods, although I think it could benefit from service, as this clock appears to have been neglected and chime is a bit slow.  $100–$200.

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