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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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127.             $50

Terhune & Edwards “Bouquet” iron-front, ca. 1867. A 16-inch sculptured iron-front with good retention of the color and MOP.  There is some slight crustiness to the flat part in the center and yellowing to the image, probably due to too much varnish.  The casting was made by J&R Shepherd.  The dial is very old paper, unsigned, with uncommon hands; the dial glass is a replacement, the porthole glass period.  The 30-hour, time-and-strike movement is unsigned; it is running and striking on a wire gong.  There is a good label inside for Terhune & Edwards, the retailers in New York City.  The sides of the wood case are grain-painted, unusual.  $50–$150.

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