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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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121.                $125

Terry & Andrews iron case, 1842-1850.  A 14-inch iron case decorated with MOP (mother of pearl), painted flowers, and gilding.  No loss of the MOP that I can see and good color on the flowers and gilding. Itís not always apparent, but the painting was also done over the larger MOP pieces, but that painting and gilding is easily lost.  Original bezels, old glass, newer putty on the dial glass; the painted dial is original in good condition and the hands are likely original.  The dial bezel latches shut with the push-button on the left.  The 8-day Terry & Andrews lyre movement is signed, running and striking on a wire gong; there is a dark label with some losses inside.  This model is not uncommon, but this is a nice example.  AAC has sold three similar examples in the last several years for an average of $159.  $125-$250.