118.             $35

Sessions Clock Co. “No. 288” enameled wood mantel clock, ca. 1923.  This clock is shown on page 163 of Ly’s book on Sessions clocks.  Apparently they ran out of names when it came out.  The case is 13 inches tall and 17 inches wide with a good finish, no noticeable nicks, polished brass feet, brass column capitals and plinths, center ornament, and dial screen.  There are two lion’s head brass side handles, plastic half-columns and marbleized wood trim above the columns.  The dial is paper with some staining and mildew, the hands are correct, behind a flat glass in the brass bezel.  The name ‘Sessions’ is found just below the number 12 on the dial.  The 8-day, time and half-hour strike movement is not signed; it is running, a bit reluctantly, and striking the half-hours on a small bell and counting the hours on a cathedral gong.  A previous owner replaced the backboard but didn’t get it painted.  $35–$100. 

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