110.              $150

Ansonia Clock Co. “Monterey”, ca. 1904.  A distinctive enameled iron case, 9.5 inches tall and 17 inches wide, with figurals on the corners and plaques of cherubim on either side of the dial. The brass corner figures and plaques have been polished and the case relacquered.  There is a visible escapement over a signed Ansonia porcelain dial with some hairline cracks, behind a flat beveled glass in the French sash.  The hands are proper, the pallets on the escapement are steel.  The Ansonia 8-day, time and half-hour strike movement is running and striking on a cathedral gong.  AAC sold two last year for $180 and $205.  $150–$250.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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