106.              $500

Ansonia Clock Co. “Cabinet Antique No. 1”,ca. 1894.  An 18.5-inch-tall brass and mahogany case with a large bell on top.  An uncommon model, with just a couple of listing on LiveAuctioneers.  This one is missing some parts – a trim piece on each side under the cornice is missing, and the left rear foot is AWOL.  There are some nice brass and pewter trimmings on the front and sides, and the four top finials and brass bell look good.  The bezel holds a convex beveled glass over a cartouche brass dial and proper but difficult-to-see hands. The Ansonia 8-day, time and half-hour strike movement is running and striking, although the hammer needs slight adjustment. No label.  A repair project that is probably justified.  If this model was flawless it would sell for $800–$900.  $500–$750.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

I use the following bid increments to assign the final sale price.  If your winning bid is less than one increment over the second highest bid, you are assessed your full bid amount.
   BID                     INCREMENT

$1-$249                       $0            The bid you place is the price you pay –                                                       no increments applied
$250-$499                   $25
$500-$999                   $50
$1000-$2499               $100
$2500-$4999               $250
$5000-$9999               $500
$10,000 >                    $1000
If you are the only bidder and you bid less than $250, you will pay your full bid amount if you are the winning bidder; if you bid more than $250, you will get the item for $250 or the minimum bid price, whichever is higher.