105.               $250

Chelsea Clock Co. “Chinese Chippendale”,ca. 1921.  This uncommon model is shown on page 83 of Ly’s American Clocks, Vol. 2.  It is 11.75 inches tall is black lacquer mahogany with painted decorations on the front, inset borders on the sides, and painted tiles on top.  The dial glass is beveled, the dial silvered with inset lacquered numbers and is signed along with the retailer’s name (A. Stowell & Co., Boston Mass). The hands are proper; the movement is not visible from the back, as it is obscured by the gong mount.  It strikes on the hours and half-hours with a rich sound.  The 8-day lever movement is running nicely.  No sales records that I can find. $250–$500.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024


 Typical delivery charges

Here are some typical charges for delivery to the eastern half of the US:

Small clocks – under 20 inches tall:  $50 but may be shipped.

Medium clocks – under 25 inches: $100

Full-size clocks – under 35 inches: $150

Large clocks (most wall clocks, triple deckers) – under 40 inches: $200

Oversize clocks – up to 60 inches: $250–$300

Jeweler’s regulators$400

Tall case clocks and standing regulators – $500

All prices are estimates and not guarantees; note that delivery is NOT guaranteed to ANY location.