103.              $50

Seth Thomas “Round Band”, 1863-1913.  A 16.5-inch case with good rosewood veneer all around.  This was a popular and long-lasting model for Seth Thomas, with it appearing in catalogs from the Civil War to World War 1.  Both glasses are almost certainly original, with a well-preserved tablet. The dial is also likely original, with little flaking and correct period hands.  The signed 30-hour time-and-strike movement is running and striking on a wire gong, while the alarm (untested) strikes on an iron bell.  There is a complete label inside. AAC sold a similar example in 2023 for $100.  $50–$100.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024


Can I return my clock if I don’t like it?


Absolutely!  Save your packing and box, you have 30 days from receipt to return it for a full refund if you are unhappy.  If the clock is not as described, or I missed something important and that is not evident from the pictures, I will refund your shipping costs (both ways) as well.  Find another auction company that does that!