95.              $100

EN Welch Co. parlor shelf clock, ca. 1890. A 28-inch walnut shelf clock that is not found in Lys book on Welch clocks.  The movement is stamped EN Welch, but the label on the back is lost and replaced by an old label from a retailer (George Wolf) in Louisville KY.  I have not seen this model before; note the carved side columns and the unusual base with feet.  The door glass is old but may be an old replacement. The dial is old paper with staining, the hands appropriate.  The 8-day, time-and-strike movement is signed and running, striking on a brass bell, with a shiny single-barrel pendulum.  This clock may have been a special order for a retailer or manufacturer. $100$200.

UPDATE:  Dale Beske, one of my favorite Badgers, recognized this as the "Illinois", shown on page 446 of Ly's book on Ansonia clocks.  It would appear that Welch offered this model as well.

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